Saturday, April 18, 2015

40 Shades of Lanei: Photo Set Download

Hello lovelies!

I've been doing a lot of photoshoots lately and I have a ton of unpublished photo sets as proof! I had been wondering what to do with them for awhile now. I finally decided on offering them as downloads in my Etsy Shop, where I mainly sold prints. 

I found that this was the best way to give proper credit to everyone involved with whatever project it is. As well as provide ultimate creative freedom. Nothing beats creative freedom!

I have a few sets on there already, located in the download section. Which by the way, is the only place where these photo sets are offered.

Be sure to check out my new set 40 Shades of Lanei. The biggest one yet. It contains 40 photos, where most of my sets contain around 15-30.

40 Downloadable Photos
Shot by Marshall Bradford

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