Monday, June 3, 2013

My Shop Is Now Open

I just opened up a shop where you can purchase prints and download photo sets. You may notice there are two different versions of the shop, an Etsy shop and a regular shop. I wanted to use Etsy as my main shop base because of how you can display product descriptions and pictures. They also have an awesome download feature.

However, I know not everyone has an Etsy account and some people won't want to make one, but may still like to purchase something. That's where my other shop comes in handy. Same products, different venue. Please note that downloadable photo sets will not be instant in this shop. The only way to get an instant download is through Etsy. The photo sets need to be manually sent through email and then downloaded. Please include your email at checkout if you do not want me to use your paypal email. Just in case it belongs to your parents or wife. haha=D